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Royal Esquires (The) Ain't Gonna Run

The Royal Esquires
Ain't Gonna Run
Prix Records
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Single Sided


Prix's Clem Price had already signed the Royal Esquires by the time George Beter came on board. The quartet of Kenny Latham, David Mahan, Rondal Davis, and James “Chuckie” Littleton formed their group in the hallways of Columbus’ South High School in the mid-1960s. After linking up with the talented Almon family (brothers Jay, Billy, and Roscoe) and multi-instrumentalist Ron Farthing, who together had formed a band known as the Soul Partners, they hit the local circuit of talent shows, clubs, halls, and college gigs with vigor. Price had been putting the word out around town that he was interested in signing artists for management, promotion, and recording. The choices were limited in medium-sized Columbus. Bill Moss had yet to start up his Capsoul label and had only a couple 45s under his belt for Bell. Price talked a good game, convincing enough that the Royal Esquires became his first signing. “Ain’t Gonna Run” has the inimitable youthful energy that can only emerge from organic talent and independent production. The ardent work of the Soul Partners in the studio was a sure sign of incredible possibilities, but the good times were cut short too quickly. With the Vietnam War in full effect, the entire cast was drafted and stationed separately at different bases. The group never even had a chance to hear their record played on the radio. After their military stint was over they tried to reform, but had grown apart and were finding their own unique paths. David Mahan joined Columbus mainstays the Enchanted Five, while Kenny Latham formed People’s Choice, who would become Sussex recording artists Segments of Time. The sole Royal Esquires single was released and promptly buried, a decade later it would appear on the Northern scene, finally turning the heads it deserved.