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New From Outta Sight
Sam Dees
Lonely For You Baby 
  Connie Laverne
Can't Live Without You 
Ann Sexton
You've Been Gone Too Long 
Ron Holden
Forgive & Forget 
Eddie Billups
Shake Off That Dream 

Joshie Jo Armstead

I Got The Vibes

J J Barnes

Sweet Sherry

Barbara Lewis

The Stars

Barbara Acklin

Am i The Same Girl

Tony Drake


Jackie Wilson

It Only Happens

Wales Wallace

Somebody I Know

Adams Apples

Don't Take It Out On This World


Johnny Jones

Purple Haze

New Northern & Modern Soul


Sebastian Williams

Get Your Point Over

Claude Huey

Why Would You Blow It



Barbara & Brenda

Never Love A Robin

Irene & The Scotts

I'm Stuck On my Baby


Jackie Roass

Trust In Me


The Soul Stirrers

Don't You Worry Baby

Kings Go Forth

One Day

The Ballads

Can't See Your Love

Northern Soul Reissues

The Professionals

That's Why I Love You

The Illusions

You Didn't Have To Leave

Irene & The Scotts

I'm Stuck On You Baby

Ronnie & Robyn As Long As You Love Me Eula Cooper Let Our Love Grow Higher Eric Mercury Lonely Girl

  Dee Clarks That's My Girl Gene Toones What More Do You Want
New Arrivals R&B

Big Boy Groves I Gotta New Car

The Colemanaires

I Cannot Understand It

Alton & Jimmy Have Faith In my Love

The Spinners

i'll Always Love You

Frank Wilson

Do I Love You

  Get Lost In The Music