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Barbara Acklin Am I The Same Girl Demo Copy

Barbara Acklin
Young Holt Unlimited
Am I The Same Girl
Soulful Strutt
Outta Sight/Brunswick
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BARBARA JEAN ACKLIN was working as a receptionist at Brunswick Records in 1966 when she co-wrote “Whispers (Getting Louder)” which became one of Jackie Wilson’s biggest hits and secured her a recording contract with the label. In 1968 she hit with “Love Makes A Woman” peaking at #15 on the Billboard pop chart. “Am I The Same Girl” followed in ’69 barely breaking the Hot 100. Dusty Springfield covered the song later that year giving the singer her final chart hit, peaking at #43 in the UK. Salena Jones cut a credible jazzy interpretation in 1970 and the British pop group Swing Out Sister scored a #21 UK hit in 1992 after first hearing the song in a Manchester Northern Soul club.

Brunswick producer Carl Davis was inspired to remove Acklin’s vocal and replace it with a piano solo shortly after the original release. He called the instrumental “Soulful Strut” and attributed it to Young-Holt Unlimited providing them with a #3 hit in the USA.